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Another one is added: How is the new Paxful virtual wallet ?

Paxful announced the launch of Paxful Pay , an e-commerce solution that will allow companies around the world to receive payments from their customers in bitcoins through a digital wallet that includes almost 400 different payment methods .

With this new tool , merchants will be able to add a new purchase option to their online payment process that will allow them to manage their earnings, keep track of all their transactions and convert bitcoins to their local currency on Paxful Marketplace .

Paxful Pay has more than one hundred merchants affiliated globally.

A financial tool

Also, it is planned to give merchants the opportunity to automatically convert bitcoins into their local currency within their bank account later on . For their part, customers by simply creating an account on Paxful can start using this payment method.

On this launch, Ray Youssef , CEO and Co-Founder of Paxful, commented that: ” We have noticed that in many regions of the world, people use bitcoin as a financial tool to buy goods and services, which is why we decided to create Paxful Pay with the goal of giving users and businesses around the world the opportunity to harness the power of bitcoin for financial freedom . ”

Currently, Paxful Pay has more than 100 merchants affiliated globally, and new companies are expected to join the service in the coming weeks. In addition, the company hopes to expand to other digital currencies and introduce automatic conversion into stablecoins such as Tether (USDT).



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