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What is the best online trading platform for cryptocurrency ?

Today I will discuss about, What is the best online trading platform for cryptocurrency ? With a growing market, it is important to have the best Cryptocurrency exchange platform. There is a great diversity of exchange houses (with services all over the world), which allow you to trade (sell, buy and exchange) these digital assets. Each platform establishes particular conditions of service, therefore, it is necessary to choose a platform that suits the needs.

The best online trading platform for cryptocurrency.

The best Cryptocurrency exchanges are described below, learn important information about their operation.


It is one of the most recognized platforms worldwide, it has operations in 102 countries and millions of active users. Since its founding (in 2012 and based in the United States), Coinbase allows you to buy, sell and exchange Cryptocurrencies safely. They have also incorporated several additional services for people and companies, from carrying out commercial operations to a training program that allows to obtain rewards (the user can test the Cryptocurrency as he knows its operation).


It is one of the most reliable exchange exchanges, it offers multiple options to trade 150 of the most traded Cryptocurrencies in the world. It is a company that started operations in China (2017) and is headquartered in Malta, in less than 4 years it has achieved an excellent reputation thanks to the diversity of services and options it offers. In addition, it has a robust online platform (available in mobile and desktop version), as well as an API that allows integration to different commercial applications.


This Cryptocurrency exchange is based in the United States, began operations in 2011 and has developed an outstanding trajectory (globally) offering exchange, trading and investment services in cryptocurrencies.

It has a secure platform (keeping more than 95% of its clients’ funds offline, but 100% available for withdrawal), while the funds that are online are kept safe with high levels of security. In addition, it offers an intuitive graphical interface to facilitate operations and customer support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Of North American origin and founded in 2014, it offers a secure platform with a renewed interface. It is currently based in Liechtenstein and provides online services from a mobile application (includes a web version for desktop), they allow the possibility of buying, selling and exchanging the most commercialized Cryptocurrencies. Users can make investments in the main crypto markets (more than 250). It also offers a customer support system through social media and email.


It is a well-known P2P trading platform in Cryptocurrencies with operations worldwide, it was founded in 2014 by British entrepreneurs and offers investment services on a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. Bitmex is considered a platform for experienced traders, offers a friendly graphical interface and allows web access from a computer (the mobile version is not available). They have also used rigorous security standards for access, including an automatic auditing system on all accounts (up to 100 audits per second).


It is recognized as one of the best exchange and investment platforms, it has more than 8 years of experience in the cryptocurrency market that has allowed them to develop multiple services. Bitfinex performs a large number of transactions per day, highlighting Bitcoin transactions thanks to the operating conditions they offer. The platform provides 2 options for crypto trading: through OTC (Over The Counter), with a minimum order of $ 50 and Spot Trading (spot trading) for those who want to perform traditional operations.

Users can also have a demo version or “Paper Trading”, which allows them to perform simulated operations to learn about the functions or explore new strategies. In this version there are no losses if the operations are negative, test tokens that have no real value are used (only for training reasons).


It is a platform dedicated to the P2P market (commerce between people), for more than 8 years Localbitcoins has facilitated the purchase and sale of Bitcoins between people (worldwide). Registered users have the possibility to: sell, buy, as well as use an electronic wallet to send and receive Bitcoins.

The commercialization is carried out through personalized publications (the user the means of payment and the exchange rate), then the platform intermediates the transaction offering guarantees (for the seller and the buyer) until the end of the process.


Since it started operations (more than 6 years ago), it has positioned itself as a platform that facilitates the exchange and trading of Cryptocurrencies. Traders who register with Poloniex have the ability to trade more than 100 crypto pairs (available for spot trading) and 25 margin pairs (leverage is available in Futures trading, it can reach up to 1: 100).

The investment platform offers 2 versions: WebTrader and mobile application (for iOS and Android operating systems, although not all functions are available), the graphical interface allows the use of tools and indicators for a better experience.

Poloniex also offers technical support through social networks and with access from the interface, an excellent option that not all exchanges offer. In addition, they have strengthened security to provide a more reliable environment.


With only 3 years since it started trading, Kucoin has achieved great acceptance and popularity among Cryptocurrency exchange and trading platforms. It allows trading in more than 200 pairs of cryptocurrencies with competitive rates, it also offers a wide variety of new options: purchase of cryptos with the main fiat currencies (fiat), trading with Futures, Pool-X (free market exchange that allows liquidity on the crypto bet) and loans between people (the platform is an intermediary and allows the person who receives the loan to operate with margin, while generating interest for the one who grants it).

The platform offers a WebTrader version and the mobile application (both with intuitive functions), it also provides 24/7 customer service, as well as a community of users to share experiences.


Established in 2014 and based in Austria, Bitpanda is a company in the Fintech sector that offers a platform to trade and negotiate a wide variety of Cryptocurrencies. It is currently recognized as one of the crypto exchanges with the greatest diversity of services, in addition to providing reliability and ease in operations. Users can have up to 9 different services: for buying and selling, exchange, savings plan, trade with metals, among others.

Bitpanda is available in more than 54 countries with various payment options (although fees may apply for the deposit of some cryptocurrencies). In addition, it offers customer support through the main social networks, email and telephone service.


It has more than 7 years offering exchange services, achieving a presence in more than 185 countries and exceeding 2 million users. Coinmama is headquartered in Slovakia and has developed a robust exchange platform, with more than 7 Cryptocurrencies available for purchase and sale. In addition, it accepts the most widely used payment methods internationally and offers a fast management process (the purchase of Bitcoin, for example, is done in less than 10 minutes).

Access to the platform is online (it does not have a mobile application for now), however, the purchase and sale of Cryptocurrencies is done in 5 simple steps. In addition, they apply a competitive (fixed) rate for both transactions.


The company is based in Hong Kong and started operations in 2013, currently offers an advanced technology exchange platform (with API to incorporate trading robots). In addition, it allows you to trade with more than 500 digital assets and the most quoted Cryptocurrencies globally. Traders in the training process can benefit from a demo version, it does not require a deposit and allows you to explore the most important functions (it can also be very useful for more advanced ones, but who need to become familiar with the interface).

This platform also offers corporate accounts, as well as various security systems to offer complete peace of mind.


It is a platform that facilitates Bitcoin transactions through P2P commerce, has a presence in more than 100 countries and a wide variety of accepted payment methods. Currently, it has almost 5 million users and has developed a program aimed at Bitcoin providers. Paxful offers significant advantages in such a competitive market, both buyers and sellers can negotiate on fair terms.

They also offer a mobile application, it is a virtual wallet with a friendly graphical interface, it allows you to exchange, receive and send Bitcoins.



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